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Certified Nurse Aid License

Certified Nurse Aide licenses are now due for renewal. In order to maintain current status, and to avoid late fees, you must renew prior to 1/31/2016. If you do not renew by then, you will have a 60 day grace period before your license will be deemed "expired." A $15 late fee will apply to all licenses renewed during the grace period.

To renew your NA license, Click Here and follow the prompts to access the DORA Online Renewal Service.

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The Quality Management Program Manual/Binder on Sale Now!

Hey folks,

We have finished development on our Quality Management Manual/Binder, and it is now available for sale via our manuals paper order found here >>  Manuals Order Form
and will be available for online purchase very soon. 

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Flu Season is Here

Residents, staff and providers should be vaccinated by now. Those who have not been vaccinated can be
vaccinated at any time in the next month or so.

Please review your policies & procedures to ensure that you meet
CDC & CDPH&E guidelines and recommendations.

During the time period of October 1 through March 31 of each winter, employees and volunteers who experience influenza-like symptoms must report their symptoms to their supervisor and/or to the Facility Administrator.

Employees and volunteers who are symptomatic with influenza-like illness must be excluded from the facility because such persons may contribute to the transmission of influenza during an outbreak. Exclusion must continue until 48 hours after symptoms have subsided.

By declining the immunization, employees and volunteers agree that if a physician, a nurse practitioner, a physician’s assistant and/or representatives from the Department of Health determine that there is an influenza outbreak in the facility, they may be required to wear a surgical mask while working with residents.

Assisted Living Residences may require that a resident or employee or volunteer see and be treated by his or her physician when one or more of the following changes or concerns have occurred:

• If the resident or staff member has developed or been exposed to a
communicable disease (infectious disease).

• When there is evidence of possible infection (open sores, fever, chills, etc.)

Assisted Living Residences must report their employee vaccination rate
to the Department on an annual basis. (See Web Portal Information.)

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700% Death Increase From Pain Killers

46 Americans Die Each Day From Painkiller Over Doses.  Deaths for ages 55-64 rose 700%.  Individuals who take an opioid drug for three to six months are highly likely to still be taking it years later.

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Quality Management Program Training Workshop

Don’t Get Caught Unprepared!

Together we can do this!

I have developed policies and procedures that address the new Quality Management Program regulations and I prepared sample audit tools to get things started.

I am planning to share these tools in Quality Management Program workshops in October, November, and December and into the New Year if necessary!

Clases are now available for October and November with classes for December coming soon.

I am also available to present the program in your community. Please contact me for further information.

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